Wisconsin Water From the Air – WPT

Includes St. Croix River Preview
Contributed by Mike Reiter

Are you ready to come soar with us again? Watch a new exclusive preview from the all-new Wisconsin Water From the Air, coming to Wisconsin Public Television 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26!

The all-new Wisconsin Water From the Air takes viewers above, atop and along state waterways that inspire reflection, wonder and adventure. From the routes that the Wisconsin, Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers carve through the state’s landscape to the wide-stretching shores of Lake Michigan, celebrate the waterways that shape Wisconsin.

As we anxiously await the show’s broadcast premiere, we want you to see this new look inside the program with an exclusive clip from the show that explores some of the wonders of Wisconsin’s St. Croix River.

Looking toward the premiere later this month, we will be sharing other new previews from the show via email and on the Wisconsin Public Television Facebook page.

Enjoy this clip from the show and share this video with your friends.

Want to see Wisconsin Water From the Air on the big screen? We still have premiere screenings coming up in the La Crosse area, Wausau and Madison! Find full details at wpt.org/events.