Wisconsin Lakes Action Alert re-High Capacity Wells

Action Alert
June 21, 2013

Stand up for lakes AND citizen rights!

The Assembly and the Senate passed the budget this week.

But remaining in the bill now headed to the Governor’s desk for signature is the provision restricting citizen rights to challenge a DNR permit of a high-capacity well, based on the cumulative impact of all the wells in the area.

This provision is bad policy that doesn’t belong in the budget. Lake organizations, rural property owners, family farmers, realtors and concerned citizens all over Wisconsin agree: this provision will cause lakes and streams to dry up, and private wells to run dry.

Call or write Governor Walker today and tell him to veto the high-cap well provision and remove it from the budget.

  • Phone: (608) 266-1212
  • Email: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
  • Address:
    • Office of Governor Scott Walker
    • 115 East Capitol / Madison, WI 53705

With enough pressure, the Governor could be convinced to remove this horrible policy item from the budget, but time is running out! Contact Gov. Walker today!