Routine Content Maintenance Guide


This guide explains what is involved with routine content (text and graphics) maintenance of and how this function fits into the overall site operation. is the official website of the Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers in Wisconsin. Site maintenance activity is separated into (1) routine content maintenance and (2) advanced maintenance. PCALR is seeking a volunteer to do the routine content maintenance. Routine maintenance consists of content updates needed to keep the site current using only basic editing operations. Examples of routine content maintenance are updates to the meeting schedule, adding news posts, and updating the recent news announcements. Advanced maintenance includes more complex content and layout modifications as well as external interface maintenance. Advanced maintenance examples are adding a new menu item, changing a widget on a page, changing the header or footer, and transferring money held in the PayPal account to the bank account.


How Operates is a member of, Wisconsin Lakes’ WordPress network of lake organization websites. It uses the Elementor drag and drop plugin to edit site pages. The tasks involved are split between the network administrators and the site administrators.

The network administrators manage activities associated with all sites and troubleshoot complex site problems:

  1. Network setup
  2. Security
  3. Software Updates
  4. Backups
  5. Technical troubleshooting
  6. Hosting 
  7. Member Tools

Site administrators focus on the site design and content (text and graphics). PCALR is seeking a volunteer to do the routine content maintenance, item 5a below. The current webmaster will continue to maintain items 1-4 and 5b in the near-term. 

  1. Page Layout (colors, content placement, type characteristics, menu properties…)
  2. Header and Footer (common text and graphics at page top and bottom of each page)
  3. Site settings (users, editing, plugin activation…) 
  4. Special features (join a mailing list, pay membership dues, news posts signup…)
  5. Main Content (content between the header and footer)
    1. Routine content maintenance – editing involving basic operations
    2. Advanced maintenance – complex content and layout modifications as well as external interface maintenance   

Routine Content Maintenance Tasks

Training will be available on the use of the Elementor editor to make routine content updates. This training will include:

  1. Logging into and out of the administration area of
    Elementor editor familiarization
  2. Creating a news post
    1. Creating, assigning a category, and saving a post
    2. Copying and pasting a news item from an email into a post
    3. Adding a text document or image to the Media Library
      Adding a link to the above document within the post
      Inserting the image from the Media Library into the post
  3. Adding a recent news headline link on the home page
  4. Using the following Elementor widgets in the editing process
    1.  Heading – create headings
    2.  Text editor – editing menu, image placement, line spacing…
    3. Toggle – editing a list revealed by clicking a heading (see About PCALR page)