Below are instructions to sign up for receiving an email whenever the Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers (PCALR) posts news on its website (

  1. In the right column of the News Stories page, enter your email address in the blank space provided under the “News Notifications” heading.
  2. Select the “Subscribe” button to submit your request.
  3. A popup window should appear from the service that provides the emails asking you to enter a group of distorted characters. This step is a way to prevent spammers from signing up for the emails. Select the “Complete Subscription Request” button.
  4. The popup window should next show that your request has been accepted. If not, you may need to reenter the group of distorted characters.
  5. Next you should receive an email asking you to click a link to activate your subscription to receive email updates.
  6. You should start receiving emails at the address you submitted whenever PCALR adds news to its News Stories page.
  7. You may unsubscribe from receiving these email news updates in the footer of any news update email you receive.


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