PCALR Editing Instructions

General Guide

A general guide for working with lakekit.net subsites is available at the lakekit.net homebase site. More specific guide information is below.

Add Minutes

  1. Log into the site at pcalr.org/wp-admin.
  2. Visit the About PCALR page.
  3. In the top black bar, click “Edit with Elementor”.
    The Elementor editor page has 2 main areas – a widgets panel on the left and a page editing space of the actual page representation on the right.
  4. Scroll down the page editing space to the “Meeting Minutes – 2017 to Present ” heading and and click to reveal the Toggle widget in the left panel. Each toggle item is listed there.
  5. In the Toggle widget, click Meeting Minutes – 2017 to Present to reveal the traditional WordPress editing space for that item.
    Editing this toggle item can be in the Elementor panel or in the content area on the right. Using the left panel may work best initially because the process is similar to the past WordPress editing process. But appearance of the content area on the right is closest to the published page appearance.
    If needed, increase the left panel width using arrow icons that appear when hovering on the left panel borders.
  6. Add the minutes file
    1. Click between the bullet and text in the top bulleted item and push the Return key to create a new bulleted empty line. Place the cursur at the beginning of the new bulleted line.
    2. Click the “Add Media” button above the editing area.
    3. Select the Upload tab, click the “Select Files” button,  maneuver to the file to be uploaded, and open it.
    4. Enter the title desired for the link.
    5. Click the “Insert into post” button.
      The link should appear where the cursor was placed.
  7. Always UPDATE the edits; then use the hamburger icon top left to exit to the Dashboard.