• Our County Enjoys Many Lakes and Streams.
    Polk County has over 437 lakes and 350 miles of rivers and streams.
    Download the map below to a obtain detailed map (pdf) of Polk County – (4.7 MBytes). This map shows lake and stream names only for the large lakes in the County. For more map details, visit the County interactive map (exit this site).
  • Lake Facts and Classification.
    All lakes in the County are classified (pdf) according to vulnerability to degradation and degree of development. Since State relaxation of shoreland regulations in 2015, however, only side-yard setbacks vary with a lake’s classification as described in the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (pdf). Visit the Wisconsin DNR’s “Find a Lake” webpages to learn about the Polk County Lakes.
  • Lake/River Organizations.
    Most of the larger lakes/rivers have formal organizations working to protect their waters. Many have websites with information about their waters and options to contact them.
  • County Contacts.
    Contact the County Land Information Department, the Land and Water Resources Department, or the County Zoning Office for ordinance or other lake/river questions.

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Water Lily

Daphnia Zooplankton

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We eat mosquitoes!

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Smallmouth Bass

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