LoonWatch pursuing volunteers for 2020 Loon Population Survey

Every five years the LoonWatch program conducts a one-day survey on 258 pre-selected lakes in northern Wisconsin to estimate the state’s total common loon population.

Next year this survey will take place on July 18th between 5a.m. and 10a.m. This survey provides an accurate estimate of Wisconsin’s loon population, and has been a resource for multiple scientific publications since 1985.  LoonWatch will provide training workshops throughout northern Wisconsin next year.

There are numerous lakes in Polk County that are part of the Survey, and we are looking for volunteers to survey them. We would be grateful if you would be willing to spread the word about this survey to potential volunteers who might be interested in participating.

The more lakes we have volunteers surveying, the more accurate our population count will be. The list of lakes where we need volunteers is included below.

A link with a map of the lakes and volunteer registration can be viewed here:


Thank you so much for any help you can give with the Wisconsin Loon Population Survey. Please contact me with any questions. Again, thank you for helping with this important project.

Lakes in Polk County without volunteers:

Name:                                                WBIC:

Apple River Flowage                     2624200

Big Round Lake                             2627400

Cedar Lake                                    2615100

Garfield (Big Horseshoe) Lake    2465600

Horse Lake                                    2616200

Pike Lake                                       2624000

Rice Lake                                       2615400

South Twin Lake                           2623800

Tarbert Lake                                  2501000

Trident Lake                                  2502400