DNR Warden Map for CBCW Volunteers

Hi Everyone,

We have a new on-line mapping tool available to help identify coverage areas for DNR warden and warden teams http://www.arcgisonline.com/explorer/?open=2e233359385e4fb0ab9a211b5f1b0c26&extent=-10718730.5599613,5234954,-9222836.44003867,5993167  . The map is broken down by region, warden team and county. As you hover over a specific county the warden, warden team, supervisor and station name will appear. The tool does not provide contact info for each of the wardens, but once a warden is identified you can obtain contact info by visiting http://dnr.wi.gov/staffdir/_newsearch/contactsearchext.aspx . There is also a feature that allows you to select various layers such as regional and warden team boundaries.

Please share both these sites with all your CBCW volunteers/interns. It’s important that they all know who the local wardens and water guard assigned to their area are especially as we try to partner with the wardens on upcoming AIS Group Checks and other efforts.

REMINDER: Inspectors can always call the DNR Hotline (800) TIP-WDNR if they observe a violation and can’t get a hold of their local warden or water guard.

We are still waiting on some phone numbers for some of the new water guard and will get that information up on the web as soon as possible, http://prodoasjava.dnr.wi.gov/swims/downloadDocument.do?id=81034870 .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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