DNR Hearings on Proposed Dredging

Wisconsin Lakes Policy Report/Action Alert of February 14th:

DNR Holds First of Two Hearing on Proposed Dredging General Permit today in Madison

Second hearing on Thursday in Green Bay
Written comments accepted until March 3

Considerable concern has been raised among lakefront property owners regarding the negative impact of the ease of obtaining authorization to dredge near the shore under a proposed general permit being considered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). General permits do not require the same level of scrutiny or notice as individual permits. Dredging is currently allowed in the areas this general permit covers, but only by obtaining an individual permit. Wisconsin Lakes’ position is that the individual permit process is not so onerous to need to be abandoned, especially given the potential harm that dredging can cause a lake when done poorly.

The permit would allow up to 25 cubic yards to be dredged from an inland lake over a five year period (100 cubic yards from the Great Lakes), but any amount dredged raises a concern.

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