Crappie Disease Project Announced

Many anglers in the Polk County area are familiar with a black crappie disease named black crappie sarcoma that exhibits red sores. The Wisconsin DNR has performed only a limited investigation of this disease. Students at UW Stout are pursuing further study. Kyla Boyd, a student at UW Stout with ties to Bone Lake, is leading this project and put together a press release. Please consider downloading, printing, and circulating that explanation and request for funding help to individuals and lake organizations in the area.

Known lakes affected:

  • (Barron) Beaver Dam, Crystal, Echo, Granite, Loon, Lower Turtle, North Lake, Scott Lake, Silver, Staples, Upper Turtle, Wild Cat
  • (Polk) Balsam, Bear Trap, Big Blake, Big Butternut, Big Round, Bone, Clara, Horseshoe, Lake of the Woods, Little Blake, Little Butternut, Lost, Magnor, McKenzie, North Pipe, Pipe, Wapogasset, Ward, White Ash, (St. Croix) Baldwin Pine, Squaw
  • (Pierce) Nugget

Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers
Karen Engelbretson, president
Larry Bresina, board member/webmaster