CBCW Inspection Video Scenarios

From: Erin McFarlane, UW-Extension-Lakes

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, the new Clean Boats, Clean Waters Watercraft Inspection Video Scenarios are now available to view on the CBCW website!  The seven scenarios were created to aid watercraft inspectors in learning how to have a conversation with boaters and anglers at the boat landing while conducting an inspection.  An introductory video explains the purposes of the scenarios, and the first scenario provides an example of a complete watercraft inspection from start to finish.  The following six videos focus on specific scenarios, such as how to talk to an angler leaving the landing with live bait, and begin after the inspector has introduced themselves to the boater and asked some of the initial questions from the inspection report form.  The last video discusses how to thoroughly take the prevention steps and walks through the process of cleaning off a boat.  These videos are meant to enhance the CBCW trainings, not replace them, and serve as a post-training resource for our inspectors.

CBCW Inspection Video Scenarios: http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr-ap/UWEXLakes/Pages/programs/cbcw/resources.aspx

I know these videos have been a long time coming, so I really appreciate your patience in waiting for their arrival.  A HUGE thank you to our partners who helped in the production of the videos!  Audrey Greene with Walworth County, Hans Bremer representing UW-Sea Grant, Chris Hamerla with Golden Sands RC&D, Gary Harper representing Dane County, and Tim Campbell and Christal Campbell with DNR/UWEX worked tirelessly in chilly conditions in an effort to create a useful resource for inspectors.

I look forward to hearing how they work for all of you!

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