Blue-green Algae Webinar

I’m presenting a webinar on blue-green algae with Amanda Koch from the Division of Public Health on Monday July 16 from noon to 1. Join us if you have questions about identifying what you are seeing while you are out looking for AIS in Wisconsin’s lakes. Blue-green algae are lake-dwelling neighbors you may wish you didn’t have. They grow in all lakes, but only develop to nuisance levels, called blooms, in certain conditions. Learn how to identify blue-green algae, and what conditions cause blue-green algae to grow to nuisance levels. We will discuss the health impacts of the toxins made by some blue-green algae on animals and people who ingest, inhale, or have skin contact with blue-green algae, and show you how to determine safe recreational levels of blue-green algae in Wisconsin’s lakes. Access the webinar here: It will also be archived for later viewing at that url. Gina LaLiberte Water Resources Management Specialist – Water Quality Monitoring Section Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Science Operations Center Phone: (608) 221-5377 Central Office Phone: (608) 264-8955