Below is a report in the July 29th Wapogasset Bear Trap newsletter (page 7) on how aqua thrusters may and may not be used:

WBT Association July 8, 2017:

Peter Wetzel is one of the Conservation Wardens and has responsibility for Wapogasset and BearTrap Lakes within his jurisdiction. He wanted to be proactive and provided the following briefing on topics of interest to those who use our two lakes.

AQUA THRUSTERS… or similar pieces of equipment are sold to reduce weeds and keep shoreline areas useable. These units generate currents through props located on shafts that go under water and create water flow. Putting them on a lake and not properly using them can damage fish habitats as well as create other problems. The DNR considers this may be a form of ‘dredging’ which can also adversely affect lake habitat. (Fine: $1,500. to $1,700.00) If they are used, they MUST be run so that the equipment DOES NOT affect the lake bottom and must be pointed outward and NOTdownward.