Act Now to Stop SB 387!

A message from the St. Croix River Association:

Dear Friend of the River,

Tomorrow, both the Assembly and Senate have scheduled a vote on the Home Owner’s Bill of Rights — SB 387. This bill would allow increased development on the St. Croix River and all the waterbodies in the River’s watershed – on most waterbodies in the State of Wisconsin.

These changes to the current law will impact substandard lot development, eliminating all local provisions that prevent splitting of substandard lots in common ownership. SB 387 is designed to counter the Supreme Court ruling regarding the Murr property, south of Hudson and serves one property owner, with statewide implications. SB 387 will alter water quality protections that are now in place. It is important to tell elected officials to not turn their back on Wisconsin’s commitment to the Wild and Scenic Rivers, and the aesthetic and consequent impacts related to property values, quality of life, and tourism.

I look forward to the day that there is legislation to SUPPORT protecting our most prized natural resources instead of weakening protections. Northwest Wisconsin has a tourism based economy – the high quality lakes, rivers and trees, and the wildlife they support are the reason so many small towns still exist. SB 387 does not support the tourism industry.

Contact Senate and Assembly leadership. Senator Sheila Harsdorf represents our area and can make a difference in whether or not this bill passes. Representative Adam Jarchow was a co-author of the bill.


Deb Ryun
Executive Director

Wisconsin State Senate:

Wisconsin State Assembly:

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