PCALR provides a forum for county lake and river groups to share information, ideas and resources for managing, protecting and restoring their lake, river or stream. The organization works in concert with Polk County Land and Water Resources Department to provide information and education to the public on rules, regulations and ways to help preserve the vitality of our waters.

PCALR strives to contact and inform public officials of specific problems and issues deemed critical by the members.


  • Offers quality programming from state and county agencies and educators as well as private organizations
  • Maintains this website with information about management and protection of Polk County waters
  • Publishes the Who’s Who… Contacts for your Waterfront Property Questions (pdf) brochure
  • Provides scholarships to the annual 3-day Wisconsin Lakes Convention
  • Publishes and distributes information and education materials to Polk County shoreland property owners and visitors


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