PCALR provides a forum for county lake and river groups to share information, ideas and resources for managing, protecting and restoring their lake, river or stream. The organization works in concert with Polk County Land and Water Resources Department to provide information and education to the public on rules, regulations and ways to help preserve the vitality of our waters.

PCALR strives to contact and inform public officials of specific problems and issues deemed critical by the members.


  • Offers quality programming from state and county agencies and educators as well as private organizations
  • Maintains this website with information about management and protection of Polk County waters
  • Publishes the Who’s Who… Contacts for your Waterfront Property Questions (pdf) brochure
  • Provides scholarships to the annual 3-day Wisconsin Lakes Convention
  • Publishes and distributes information and education materials to Polk County shoreland property owners and visitors

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The next meeting of Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers (PCALR) will be held:

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Second Floor Media Room, Polk County Government Center
100 Polk County Plaza, Balsam Lake


Treasurer’s Report
Membership Report
CAFO Report from Kim Butler
Shoreline Zoning Ordinance Changes
Jason Kjeseth will provide a listing of the changes but is unable to attend
Storm damage and resources sharing

2019-2020 PCALR Meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. on:

October 16, 2019
April 15, 2020

PCALR is a warm, friendly group with a common purpose: management and protection of Polk County waters. Meetings are designed by the membership to share information and interact with county and state government agencies and our representatives; feature guest speakers and special presentations are frequently offered. Member roundtable discussion are regularly held on a topics suggested by members — valuable to those newly elected to lake management.

Membership is open to lake organizations, businesses and individuals throughout Polk County. Annual dues are $25 for organizations and businesses, $10 for individuals and families, payable on a fiscal year basis, May 1 – April 30. To join contact PCALR or join on-line.

There are two ways to receive messaging from PCALR.

  1. Our email contacts list is our primary means of sending meeting announcements and business actions. Sign up for PCALR’s email contacts list.
  2. The PCALR News Feed menu tab posts news contributions pertinent to the County’s waterbody communities. Contributions can be from government agencies, nonprofits, and individuals. When you subscribe you get an email message whenever a news item is added. Give it a try. You can unsubscribe any time. Subscribe to Polk County Association of Lakes and Rivers email news.
Officers are elected by the membership for 2-year terms at an annual meeting held the 3rd Wednesday of July. The next elections are to be in July of 2020. Current positions are:
  • President – Karen Engelbretson
  • Vice-president – Anna Turk
  • Secretary – Open
  • Treasurer – Ray Sloss
  • At-large – Kim Butler
  • At-large – Gary McDowell
Current bylaws were adopted June 17, 2015.


Manage, promote, protect and preserve our lakes, rivers and streams

PCALR’s mission is to promote and preserve the natural, recreational, aesthetic and ecological qualities of our lakes and rivers; to provide a forum for public expression; to contact and inform public officials of specific problems of our area; and to join forces, if necessary, to achieve a goal deemed crucial by the members to change political opinion and influence governmental bodies.