2019 Stream Monitoring Opportunities

Hello Volunteers and Friends,

With the 2019 monitoring season fast approaching, there are some opportunities beyond baseline monitoring that are open to volunteers with at least one year of monitoring experience. For both of these opportunities, please complete request forms or applications even if you were a part of this project in previous years.

The first of these opportunities is for our Nutrient Monitoring Program. This project supports DNR biologist data needs by training volunteers to collect nutrient (phosphorus, nitrogen, TSS) samples at specified during the growing season. Find information about this opportunity on our website, at this link. Applications for Nutrient Monitoring are due by March 30, 2019.

The second opportunity available is for continuous temperature monitoring. Each year, a number of thermistors (continuous temperature devices) are distributed to volunteers to be placed at stream sites. These devices collect data on stream temperature every hour. For information on placing a thermistor in the stream, see pages 23-27 of this methods manual. To request thermistors for this monitoring season, please use this Google Form. There is no official deadline for this request form, although, keep in mind that thermistors should be placed during the first monitoring event of the season.

 If you have any questions about these monitoring opportunities, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Happy (almost) Spring!

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Ilana Haimes
Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Coordinator

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