Manage, promote, protect and preserve our lakes, rivers and streams

PCALR’s mission is to promote and preserve the natural, recreational, aesthetic and ecological qualities of our lakes and rivers; to provide a forum for public expression; to contact and inform public officials of specific problems of our area; and to join forces, if necessary, to achieve a goal deemed crucial by the members to change political opinion and influence governmental bodies.


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Our goal

Help lake organizations and citizens manage and protect Polk County’s beautiful lakes and rivers – for recreation, for wildlife, and for future generations.

Our Conviction

To insure that the recreation we enjoy at our lakes and rivers today endures for future generations, we must live in harmony with what we’ve come here to enjoy… the water, the wildlife and the special places of Polk County. As development and use rises, and threats from invasive species draw nearer, wise management and avid protection of our water bodies become paramount.

Our Hope

Participate! Plan to attend an upcoming meeting. Share your concerns about managing and protecting our natural resources. Become an active leader. While you do not need a membership to attend PCALR meetings, PCALR needs and appreciates your membership and support. 

Recent News

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Today’s Creature Feature lurks among the plants in the shallows waiting to entrap its next meal.
The bowfin has a long body with a large, tapered head. Their colors may vary from silver to differing shades of green and brown. In rare instances you may be able to spot an albino or black variation. Male bowfin are known to be extremely protective over their fry, launching at suspected predators when they feel threatened. As a unique animal who has been around for over 100 million years, they posses some pretty neat adaptations such as their ability to breathe atmospheric air in addition to dissolved oxygen.

If you are interested in learning more about todays #CreatureFeature Check out Paul’s Article on Bowfins In our Lake Tides (page 8)!

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